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The Symphonic Series I

The Symphonic Series - Volume 1

Lee Johnson - The Symphonic Series I

Symphony No. 5 - Sandfloor Cathedral

Original Release Date: September 8, 2006
Label: Jammates Records
Copyright: 2003 © CultureWare Music Publishing

• The London Symphony Orchestra
• Lee Johnson, conductor

Track Listing

Symphony No. 5 - Sandfloor Cathedral
1. Sandfloor Cathedral (4:18)
2. Ancient Sound Pictures - Prologue (2:31)
3. Ancient Sound Pictures (3:34)
4. Visits from the Pod (5:45)
5. Mutual Admiration (4:10)
6. Lingering at Dusk (2:40)
7. Upon the Face of the Waters (20:48)

Symphony No. 5 - Sandfloor Cathedral

This work was the highest level of experiential composition that I have ever enjoyed. Swimming with dolphins, humpback whales, sharks, etc., would change anyone; and fortunately I was not an exception. My good friend Donald Tipton seemed to know that once this “encountering” process was begun a new work would soon follow. He was right and it did.

The musical result has been broadcast around the world and has enjoyed more success than anything that I have written to date. I have never tired of this work and have been told by countless people that it is a daily meditation for them. I have never really taken credit for the symphony. I just wrote what I understood and experienced after I met the sea on its own terms. This is a sacred work to me. I feel God’s presence in it and I trust you will too.

I still am a novice in the water but I strive to become a master portrayer of its grandeur.

Lee Johnson

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