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The Symphonic Series II

The Symphonic Series - Volume 2

Lee Johnson - The Symphonic Series II

Symphony No. 3 - Where the People Cried

  • Original Release Date: September 8, 2006
  • Label: Jammates Records
  • Copyright: 1998 LJM Music Publishing

Performers: Peter Cobbin, Lee Johnson, Jack Gallup, Marlaina Johnson, Cherokee Indian Choir, Rhonda Larson
The London Session Orchestra
Lee Johnson, conductor

Track Listing

Symphony No. 3 - Where the People Cried
01. The Prime Mover (4:49)
02. Dreams of the Old Country (4:21)
03. Steps Towards the Sun (5:18)
04. My Mother's Footprints (5:33)
05. Mourning and Evening (5:32)
06. Unforgotten Horses (4:56)
07. Living Water (5:57)
08. First New Sunrise (5:59)
09. Our Future Village (6:12)
10. The Great Spirit Remains (4:51)

Much had been said about the dark pages of American history when in the early 1800’s native peoples were taken from their land, their homes, unjustly arrested, and sent to an unknown world. This tragic journey to Oklahoma caused terrible mortality with over 25% of the Cherokee nation never arriving in the new land west of the Mississippi. Though many authors and historians had written about the Trail of Tears no one had yet written a symphony. I felt honored to be given the opportunity to do so and composed as if I had been adopted as an honorary member of the Cherokee nation.

This work is dedicated to the first Cherokee that befriended me as I sought to compose this symphony, the late J.B. Dreadfulwater. He, along with the gifted and pure souled Tommy Wildcat, made this journey one of lingering magic for me.

Lee Johnson

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