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Symphony No. 3 - Trail of Tears

Trail of Tears: A World Symphony

Lee Johnson, Symphony No. 3

Trail of Tears: A World Symphony

Track Listing

01. A Storyteller Remembers (4:17)
02. Water from a Stranger (5:52)
03. First Steps in a Strange Land (5:57)
04. The Dust of Our Horses (4:51)
05. Following the Setting Sun (5:13)
06. Resting With the Mourners (5:30)
07. Naming Our Towns (6:10)
08. Footprints of My Mother (5:28)
09. The Great Spirit (4:48)
10. The Infinite One Remains (4:52)


Album Details

Artist: Lee Johnson, Conductor/Piano
Format: Audio CD
Release Year: 1998
Release Date: Oct 06, 1998
Record Label: Intersound Records
Catalog No.: 3722
Playing Time: 53 min
Producer: Trammell Starks, Trammell Starks Jazz Quintet, Lee Johnson
Distributor: E1 Distribution (USA)


Album Credits

Personnel includes:

Lee Johnson (conductor, piano, guitar, percussion)
Marlaina Johnson, J.B. Dreadfulwater, Tommy Wildcat (vocals)
D.Y. McCarter, Albert Six, Joanne McLemore (spoken vocals)
Jack Gallup (guitar, mandolin, percussion)
Peter Oxer, Jim McLeod, Perry Montague-Mason, Rebecca Hirsch, Rolf Wilson, Dermot Crehan, Ben Cruft, Roger Garland, Gavyn Wright, Pat Kiernan (violin)
Robert Smissen, Philip Dukes, Garfield Jackson, Bob Smissen, Peter Lale (viola);
Martin Loveday, Paul Kegg, Frank Schaefer (cello)
Rhonda Larson (flute, alto flute)
Yvonne Powers (oboe, English horn)
Ted Gurch (clarinet)
Brice Andrus (horn)
Paul Cullington, Mary Scully (bass)
James Taylor, Jr., Richard Haralson (snare drum)
Tim Reed (percussion)
Louise Dreadfulwater, Patricia Boyd Owen, Joanna Fourkiller (background vocals)

Engineers include:

Peter Cobbin, Lee Johnson, Paul Hammock

Audio Mixers:

Lee Johnson ; Ricky Keller; Brian Jobson

Recording Information

Audio Art, Atlanta, GA
Elm Street Baptist Church, Tahlequah, OK
EMI Abbey Road Studios, London, England
Hammock Audio

Technical Credits

Trammell Starks - Producer, Executive Producer, Concept
Peter Cobbin - Engineer
Rodney Mills - Mastering
Lee Johnson - Producer, Engineer
James Majors - Engineer

Includes liner notes by Robert Rawls and Charles O. Walker


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