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Sandfloor Cathedral - symphony no. 5

Sand Floor Cathedral


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Sandfloor Cathedral sym. no. 5



London Symphony Orchestra
London Metro Voices
Atlanta Schola Cantorum
The Young Singers of LaGrange


Lee Johnson - piano and keyboards
Felicia Sorenson - voice
Jack Gallup - guitars
Marlaina Johnson - voice
Sam Skelton - winds
Ben Zion Brohnstein - Narrator
Conducted by Lee Johnson

Album Credits:

Mixed by - Lee Johnson
Engineer Assistant - Adam Dean
Mastered By - Paul Hammock
Humpback Whales Recorded by - Capt. Roger Maier, Dominican Republic
Photography - Donald Tipton
Cover And Booklet Design - Thomas Kunadt
Liner Notes - Dr. Lyn Schenbec, Lee Johnson
Liner Notes Translated by - Christian Salvesen
Producer - Lee Johnson
Executive Producer - Ulrich Rutzel

Album Details

Sand Floor Cathedral/Colours Of A Soul CD
Artist: Lee Johnson
Label: CCn'C
Country: Germany
Released: 2003
Catalog number: 02432
Release Date: Jan 01, 2006
Format: Audio CD

Track Listing

I. "Sand Floor Cathedral" [43:42 ]
Symphony No. 5 (2001)

01. Sand Floor Cathedral (4:17)
02. Ancient Sound Pictures: Pro (2:31)
03. Ancient Sound Pictures (3:31)
04. Visit From The Pod (5:42)
05. Mutual Admiration (4:08)
06. Lingering At Dusk (2:37)
07. Upon The Face Of The Waters (20:55)

II. "The Colours Of A Soul" [22:26]
Symphony No. 2 (1996)
Dedicated to Lamar Dodd (1909-1996)

08. Palette's Promise (3:14)
09. Studying New York (2:50)
10. Favorite Sunshine (3:24)
11. Peoplescape (4:53)
12. Nasa Capsule (5:33)
13. Bulldogs And Pom Poms (2:27)

Total time 66:08

Produced and mixed by Lee Johnson
Executive Producer Ulrich Rutzel

CD Booklet

"Sand Floor Cathedral" has been inspired by the many wonderful adventures that I have had at sea. I have been swimming with humpback whales in the Dominican Republic's Silver Banks, I listened to, and have recorded their ancient songs. I have been swimming with bottlenose dolphins, spotted dolphins, and sharks in Bimini, Bahamas and I have been free-diving on shipwrecks and coral reefs throughout Florida and the Gulf of Mexico.

These fantastic life-changing adventures helped me to understand the cathedral of the sea and propelled my desire to musically share these experiences with others. The feelings that I had while being in the presence of such profound beauty found their way into my music.

Lee Johnson


Without leaving home, dive into the warm water of the Gulf of Mexico. Swim with the humpback whales in the Dominican Republics Silver Banks and hear their eternal songs. Listen to Sand Floor Cathedral by twenty-first century composer, Lee Johnson. Those are just some of the life-changing events you will experience. You will develop a spiritual connection to the cathedral of the sea. Honesty, warmth, divine understanding, and love will overwhelm your soul. Your life will be energized.


• Inspired by adventures at sea
• Music from "Sand Floor Cathedral" won the Prix De La Musique Et La Mer Ville D'Antibes 2002
• Recorded at Abbey Road Studios, London, 1999; at AIM Studios and LaGrange College, GA/USA
• Symphony No. 5 is dedicated to Col. and Dr. Dean F. Johnson, the father of Lee Johnson
• Symphony No. 2 is dedicated to Lamar Dodd (1909 - 1996)
• Lyrics are Public Domain

Both works published by CultureWare Music Publ.
© 2003 CCn'C Records
Manufactured in Germany


Choir – Atlanta Schola Cantorum (tracks: 1 to 7), London Metro Voices* (tracks: 1 to 7), Young Singers Of LaGrange, The (tracks: 1 to 7)
Conductor – Lee Johnson (tracks: 1 to 7)
Design [Cover And Booklet] – Thomas Kunadt
Engineer [Assistant] – Adam Dean (tracks: 1 to 7)
Executive Producer – Ulrich Rutzel
Guitar – Jack Gallup (tracks: 1 to 7)
Liner Notes – Dr. Lyn Schenbec, Lee Johnson
Liner Notes [Translated By] – Christian Salvesen
Mastered By – Paul Hammock
Music By, Piano, Keyboards – Lee Johnson
Narrator – Ben Zion Brohnstein (tracks: 1 to 7)
Orchestra – London Symphony Orchestra* (tracks: 1 to 7)
Other [Humpback Whales Recorded By] – Capt. Roger Maier, Dominican Republic
Photography – Donald Tipton
Producer, Mixed By – Lee Johnson
Voice – Felicia Sorenson (tracks: 1 to 7), Marlaina Johnson (tracks: 1 to 7)
Wind – Sam Skelton (tracks: 1 to 7)
Woodwind, Saxophone – Sam Skelton (tracks: 8 to 13)

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