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Waterdance - A Ballet of Life

Waterdance DVD CoverWaterdance - A Ballet of Life
Media: DVD
Label: Erdenklang Musik
Release year: 2006
Catalog Number: EK61122
Duration: 53 min
Sound format: Dolby Surround
Screen size ratio: 1:1, 33/4:3


Track Listing

01. Waterdance (5:40)
02. And We Danced (5:05)
03. Cortez (4:26)
04. El Baile (8:08)
05. A Shark Ballet (5:12)
06. Shadow Dance (5:00)
07. A Dance of Spinners (4:42)
08. Turtle Dance (3:43)
09. Last Dance (4:54)
Total time: 47:55


WATERDANCE A Ballet Of Life In The Sea is a view into the spontaneous choreography of marine life while it goes about the business of living in the open sea. Dolphins swim together in a ballet that affirms the integrity and structure of the pod. Sharks dance as if in primordial choreography that illustrates both their beauty and grace that bypasses the menacing mindlessness of their customary portrayal. Sea Lions spin, pirouette, play, and dance in a ballet that is as intricate and graceful as any human endeavor.

WATERDANCE is a film that elicits an experience that can put you in touch with your own dreams and fantasies about the sea. It's music will carry you into the misty blue depths while you are in the comfort of your own home. We desire that you will allow the dance of the these beautiful marine creatures to encircle and captivate you as they reveal the non-verbal mysteries of their life in the sea. This is a journey of co-opted self discovery will let us understand more about ourselves as we in turn understand more about the alien life forms of the beautiful blue abyss.

WATERDANCE was photographed over a period of a year and a half in the Bahamas, Sea Of Cortez, and Hawaii. "The idea for WATERDANCE first came to me as I dove with Sea Lions in the Sea Of Cortez. I was amazed at their agility and dance-like movements. From there it was simply a process of deciding which animals and in which locations we would shoot," said director Donald Tipton. This ambitious undertaking has endeavoured to capture the natural ballet of marine life and then set it to music; but the score could not be just any music. Donald Tipton has had a long and prosperous working collaboration with composer Lee Johnson, who has provided the WATERDANCE project with this profound ballet score. The musical and visual components work as one to bring the viewer into a face to face encounter with these remarkable dancers of the sea.


MICHAEL FRINZI is a video engineer, camera man and director from Hoboken,, New Jersey , who works in New York City. Has worked as B camera man and video engineer on the project, as well as lending his considerable production experience. Mike was an indispensable asset to the success of this project.

JEFF GOURLEY is a photographer/videographer, technical diving instructor and marketing director for Dive Rite in Boca Raton, Florida. He worked as B camera man and safety diver for the project. Jeff seemed to always be in the right place at the right time to help things come together.

JOE COCOZZA is a video engineer working at CNN. He was so very kind as to help us on the Hawaii portion of WATERDANCE as B camera man and engineer. Joe has been a long time dive partner and friend to director, Donald Tipton.

The principals for WATERDANCE came together with a common vision and passion. The idea that began with director Donald Tipton was taken on by the others as if their very own.

DONALD TIPTON is a photographer/cinematographer, director and editor living in Columbus, Georgia. Donald felt it was important that he was able to direct, photograph and edit the WATERDANCE film. In this way he has been able to sculpt the creative process with his own hands and keep it true to his original vision. Coming from a photography background, in which he would frequently conceive, shoot and print his work, Donald prefers to work in the film making environment in the same way. He compares the film editing process to the printing darkroom in photography. Just as in the darkroom, he is able to bring the image of his "previsualization" to life as he works through his " in process discovery", allowing the image to take on a life of it's own.

Over the last 15 years, Donald Tipton's photography has appeared in every major diving magazine around the world as well as other publications. His first film SANDFLOOR CATHEDRAL is also a collaboration with composer Lee Johnson. Since then he has gone on to direct, shoot and produce many films and video projects in the commercial and fine art environments.

Lee Johnson has conducted and recorded with world class orchestras such as: The Russian National Orchestra, The London Symphony Orchestra, The Taliesin Orchestra, The London Session Orchestra, The American Rock Orchestra, The Cyberlin Philharmonia, among many others. He has composed six symphonies, numerous chamber works, four musicals, two operas, concerti, choral and vocal works, works for ballet theater, feature and experimental film, and hundreds of works for multimedia and interactive technologies.

Johnson is a contemporary classical composer on the CCn'C Records label and is a specialist in Symphonic DVD Films and in large genre composition.


Executive producers: Lee Johnson, Ulli A. Ruetzel (CCn’C Records)
Producers: Cheryl Elliot, Legacy Group Productions, Kings Bishop Productions
Director, editor, and cinematographer: Donald Tipton
All music composed by Lee Johnson
Special music supplied by M-Cuts Music Library (www.m-cuts.com)
Mixed by Lee Johnson, Paul Hammock
Recorded at Abbey Road Studios, London
Engineered by Jonathen Allen, Andrew Dudman, Paul Hammock, Philip Truitt
Mastered by Rodney Mills Masterhouse (www.rodneymills.com)
Piano sessions: AIM Studios, Atlanta (http://www.aimstudiosatl.com/)
Randy Hoexter, engineer
Music preparation: Bill Broughton (www.broughtonmusic.com)
Percussion music preparation: Tim Reed

London Symphony Orchestra
Lee Johnson - conductor, piano
Sam Skelton - soprano sax, clarinet, flute
Jack Gallup - acoustic guitar
Steve Cuninngham - acoustic guitar
Adam Nitti - fretless bass
Sammy Figeuroa – percussion
Scott Meeder - drums

Special thanks:
Morningstar Foundation. Inc.
Callaway Foundation. Inc.
Seaside Institute
Lafayette Society for the Performing Arts
LaGrange College Department of Music
Millhouse Media Group
Jennifer Johnson
Angelyn Tipton
Stuart Gulley

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