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Solo and Ensemble

  • Beauty
    Soprano Solo, Piano
  • Laude
    Unaccompanied Viola Sonata
  • Protestant Jazz
    Solo Sonata for Piano
  • Plastic Pseudo-People
    Big Band
  • Justin Cason
    Concert Band
  • God's Wrath
    Solo Trombone, Piano
  • Disciple's Suite
    Clarinet, String Quartet
  • Fantasm
    Electronic Jazz Sextet
  • Die Hochzeit
    Viola, Piano
  • Our Moment
    Flute, Violin, Pipe Organ
  • Dancing Love
    Piano Trio
  • One Two One
    Violin, Viola, Piano
  • Begin Forever!
    Flute, Pipe Organ
  • Simplicity
    Suite for String Quartet
  • Song of the Chattahoochee
    Mixed Voices, Baritone soloist, Pre-recorded Tape
  • Seasons for Piano
    Suite for Solo Piano
  • First Light Pavilions
    Solo Piano
  • Footprints of My Mother
    Solo Piano
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