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alt A Circle on the Cross (2008)

A Circle on the Cross


A Circle on the Cross

A Circle on the Cross

Original music by Lee Johnson

Directed by: Stephen Maloney
Production Company: Legacy Group Productions, LLC
Release Year: 2008

The Music

The soundtrack for A CIRCLE ON THE CROSS is an original symphony composed by award-winning composer Lee Johnson. The soundtrack was recorded by the Russian National Orchestra in Moscow. Lee's latest work is "Dead Symphony No. 6," which is more than just pop songs arranged for an orchestra, it's a 12-movement symphony that Keni Thomastwists the Greatful Dead songs in inspired adventurous directions. For more information and to listen to samples of Lee's work, visit his website.

Original Music performed and recorded by the Russian National Orchestra, Moscow, under the director of Lee Johnson

Plot Summary

In 1972, James Good was one of the last American soldiers captured in Vietnam. He has been kept on a farm somewhere in Southeast Asia for twenty years. Late one afternoon he hears the unmistakable drone of a small plane's engine. This is the day of which he has dreamed. He escapes the tiger cage and struggles through the jungle and streams chasing the sound of the engine. Finally, he and the spotter pilot see each other and the pilot leads James to a clearing where he is picked up and taken to safety. As in his dreams, James finds himself walking down a street in his hometown where he locates the father of a fallen comrade to return a personal item belonging to the man's son. Later, James reaches his own home to find that his brother Billy is the only one there to greet him. He learns that his wife has married Billy to maintain the family business, and that they have been raising the son he never knew he had.

When James meets his son, Chester, the past runs headlong into the fan blades of the present. Chester has resented not knowing his father, or what really happened to him. James' journey is a story about the human reluctance to give up and its capacity for survival at all costs. James' lessons are our own: that anything is possible if we refuse to quit, if we persevere, if we refuse to forget, if we remember to dream.

Written by Steven Earl-Edwards

Cast and Crew

Directed by Stephen Maloney
Additional Scenes Directed by Steven Earl Edwards
Screenplay by Thomas Cadwaledar Jones and Steven Earl Edwards
Cinematography by Michael K. Bucher
Original Music by Lee Johnson
Film Editing by James Finlan
Producer Steven Earl-Edwards
Co-producer Cheryl J. Elliott
Cast (in credits order)
Terrence Mann
Steven Earl-Edwards
Ryan McWhorter
Liza Vann
Matthew Lewis
Pete Rayfield

Runtime: 72 min
Official Site: http://www.acircleonthecross.com/
Country: USA
Language: English
Production Co: Legacy Group Productions
Release date: 2008 (LaGrange, Georgia)


© 2008 Legacy Group Productions, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Harrisonburg, Virginia

LJM Publishing © 2006. All rights reserved

Copyright © 2008 by Legacy Group Productions, LLC
All Rights Reserved
Music Copyright © 2006 by LJM Publishing
All Rights Reserved


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