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December 2005

Lee Johnson’s Seaside Symphony no. 4 and Ora Pro Mi recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra are combined to form the music of “Waterdance”  - a ballet of life in the sea; directed by Donald Tipton and produced by Cheryl Elliot. Waterdance has been signed by Deutsche Austrophon for release in spring of 2006.

November 2005

Lee Johnson has been commissioned to compose a new work using the Universal Declaration Of Human Rights, 1948 written under the supervision of Eleanor Roosevelt for the General Assembly Of The United Nations. Johnson will compose “Infinitude Seventh Symphony” to be premiered on April 20th for the 175th Anniversary of LaGrange College and to commemorate the innauguration of its new concert hall. Performances are also being scheduled for the University of Georgia, Emory University and others.

July 2005

American symphonist Lee Johnson conducts his new Dead Symphony no. 6 in recording sessions with the Russian National Orchestra at Mosfilm Studios, Moscow. The RNO plans to perform Dead Symphony no. 6 on its Volga River Tour in April of 2006. The recording sessions were also videotaped for planned use in a DVD documentary back story of the new work. Dead Symphony no. 6 was produced by Mike Adams owner of Exocet Studios, Atlanta.

June 2005

Lee Johnson contracts to conduct the Mankato Symphony Orchestra in their annual "Rockin' the Quarry" featuring Mary Jane Alm & City Mouse.

February 2005

Lee Johnson and Donald Tipton sign with producer, Cheryl Elliot, for upcoming DVD of cinematography.

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